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                               Celtic Challenge 2019


                               Wales 2-0 Northern Ireland Live Scores
                          John Williams-Jones (25.69) 4-0 (22.13) Rodney kane
                         David Arwyn Morris (31.10) 4-3 (28.74) Gary Elliot
                          Mark Layton v Chris Gilliland
                          Scott Dockerty v Dermot McGuiness
                          Darren Bingham v Roy Baillie
                          Clive Langford v Alan McKnight
                          Jim Williams v Neil Duff
                          Steve Alker v Paul MacDonald
                          Dale Hughes v Kevin Magill
                          David Rogers v Philip Carson
                          Mark Blandford v Davy Glenn
                          Nick Kenny v Kyle Mckinstry

            Scotland v Northern Ireland Ladies Live Scores

                                       Scotland 4-2 Northern Ireland
                     Emily Davidson (18.79) 3-0 (13.91) Yvonne Campbell
                    Chelsea McMahon (17.73) 2-3 (15.90) Anna Madigan
                    Susanna McGimpsey (21.47) 3-0 (19.42) Jackie O'Neill
                    Lorraine Hyde (22.10) 3-0 (15.50) Elaine Moran
                    Lynsey McDonald (21.15) 1-3 (21.13) Kayleigh O'Neill
                    Louise Hepburn (18.75) 3-2 (18.31) Helen Dunn


                          Schedule for the Winmau British Internationals

                                              3 day pass £40.00

Friday 5th

5.30pm                        Doors Open

6:30pm                        Wales v Scotland (Boy’s)

7.30pm                        Scotland V Wales (Girls)

8.15pm                        England v Wales (Boy’s)

9:15pm                        Wales v Scotland (Ladies)

Saturday 6th April 2019

09:30am                      Doors to general public open

10:00am                      Scotland v England (Girls)

10:45pm                      England v Wales (Ladies)

11:45pm                      Scotland V England (Boy’s)

12.45pm                      England v Wales (Girls)

1:30pm                        Scotland v Wales (Men)

Saturday night

8:30pm to 1:00 Entertainment (Youth Presentation)

Sunday 7th April 2019  

09:30am                      Doors to general public open

10:30am                      England v Wales (Men)

2:30pm                        Scotland v England (Ladies)

4:30pm                        England v Scotland (Men)

8:00pm                        Presentations

Scottish Men’s & Women’s

Masters Darts Championships






                    BICC Scotland Report Weekend 6 March 2019

The British Inter County Championship in Scotland completed their penultimate fixtures last week and as things stand only one title can be guaranteed as Greater Glasgow are too far ahead in the South Division Mens A to be caught, although in some cases it would take several whitewash score-lines to alter the top of the table order. Things are so close in all the individual league tables and also in the Accumulative Table that it will go all the way to the wire to separate the various county teams with some fantastic matches in store for darts fans at the end of the month.

A feature of this month’s matches was seeing five out of the six ladies selected for the Celtic Challenge and the British Internationals all producing player of the match performances, three in the North and two in the South

Scotland North


No County P MA WA MB WB BP TP +/-
1 Grampian 6 57 26 30 14 43 170 222
2 Angus 6 52 15 28 11 33 139 107
3 Fife 6 37 22 20 16 31 126 46
4 Highland 6 40 18 17 18 28 121 26
5 East Stirlingshire 6 28 19 18 8 17 90 -57
6 Central 6 32 12 11 9 15 79 -99
7 Perthshire 6 25 15 13 8 13 74 -89
8 Tay Valley 6 17 17 7 12 12 *63 -156

Highland v Angus (19-17)


Highland started the day well with a 4-0 whitewash in the Ladies B, the top set going to Lesley Dawson (16.43).

Angus struck back in a very close Mens B match winning 4-2 with the top set going to Highland’s Ali Mitchell (25.77) while Kayale Ross (23.74) was the top Angus player.

Back came Highland taking the Ladies A match 4-2 and it was Lynn Shearer (16.70) who took the player of the match award with Fiona Smith (15.82) the best for Angus.

Highland raced into a 4-1 lead in the Mens A but Angus soon pegged it back to 4-4 before taking the last three sets for a 7-5 victory.  The top set went to Angus player Nathan Girvan (27.83) fractionally ahead of Nicky Denoon (27.45) for Highland


Central v Tay Valley (22-14)


The visiting side started the day strongest taking the Ladies B 3-1 with the best set average going to Tay Valley’s Tracey McGill (12.22) with Central’s winning set coming from Jane Carpenter (10.44).

The Mens B was a hard fought match ending with both sides sharing the points at 3-3.  The best performance from Central came from Lewis Lyle (24.17) while Mark Keith (19.27) was Tay Valley’s top player.

Central tied up the match by winning the Ladies A 4-2 with Sharon MacFarlane (17.08) starring for the home side and Isobel Day (16.67) the best for Tay Valley.The Mens A would decide the overall winners of the fixture and it was Central who ran out 9-3 victors with Graeme Orr (26.44) the best player from the winning team and Ryan Mathieson (25.05) the best visiting player.


East Stirlingshire v Fife (12-24)

Realistically visiting side Fife are still in the hunt for second spot in the Accumulative Table and did themselves no harm by winning three matches and drawing one.

The Ladies B went 3-1 in Fife’s favour with the top set coming from the Shire’s Mags Morrison (13.38) while from the winning side Lynn Torrance (12.37) took their award.

Fife continued the good work with a 4-2 victory in the Mens B and it was Jamie Munn (27.83) from Fife who was player of the match, indeed the best Mens B player in Scotland over the weekend, while Billy Martin (20.11) was tops for the home side.

The Ladies A went 4-2 to Fife and the player of the match was International star Chelsea McMahon (22.05) while Sophie McKinlay (18.79) continues to impress for East Stirlingshire.

In a game of two halves the Mens A game produced a 6-6 result with first Fife taking the first five sets to lead 5-0 only to see East Stirlingshire win the last five sets to snatch a draw.

The top set came from Fife’s Colin Hepplewhite (29.83), which was also the best from all the matches on at the weekend, with best for the Shire being Gary Stone (28.23).

Grampian v Perthshire (33-3)

Grampian simply overwhelmed Perthshire as they recorded the highest overall score this season, winning the match 33-3 and confirming their retention of the Accumulative Table title, as long as they do not lose every match to nil against Angus at the end of the month.

The Ladies B match was 4-0 with the top set coming from Carrie Marie Duncan (18.37) which was the best Ladies B result in Scotland at the weekend.

Grampian followed the Ladies B whitewash with another in the Mens B as they romped home 6-0 with Michael Thomson (25.23) hitting their top set average.

The Ladies A went 4-2 to Grampian and their top set came from Emily Davidson (22.64).

Grampian completed their near perfect day by losing only one set in an 11-1 victory in the Mens A.  The player of the match was Scott Robertson (29.81) while the winning set from Perthshire came from Brian Welsh (28.06).

Scotland South

 Scotland South

No County P MA WA MB WB BP TP +/-  
1 Greater Glasgow 6 51 22 22 11 35 141 97  
2 Borders 5 31 20 24 10 31 116 98  
3 Ayrshire 5 32 19 16 15 28 110 68  
4 Renfrewshire 5 24 17 15 15 19 *88 -13  
5 Lanarkshire 5 34 11 14 8 16 83 6  
6 Lothian 5 22 12 6 9 7 56 -114  
7 Clackmannanshire 5 22 7 11 4 8 52 -142  


Greater Glasgow v Clackmannanshire (30-6)

Greater Glasgow have now completed their league programme and did it in style with the best overall result this season in Scotland South winning 30-6.  They now have to wait to see if they can hold on to the three tables they currently lead, the Accumulative Table, the Mens A and the Ladies A.

They won the Ladies B match 3-1 with June McCallum (12.07) their top player while the winning set from Clackmannanshire was achieved by Ellen McCormack (9.19).In the Mens B Glasgow continued with a 5-1 victory and the top set here was from Craig
Abernethy (24.64) while Connar Allen (22.43) was best for the visitors.

The Ladies A also won 5-1 with the help of player of the match Susanna McGimpsey (23.86), hitting the best ladies average in Scotland over the weekend, while the Wee County’s winner was Marion Scott (19.27).

Greater Glasgow raced into a 5-0 lead in the Mens A before going on to complete the victory, losing only three sets.  The player of the match was Glasgow’s Jim Mitchell (27.81) while Clackmannanshire’s best set came from Craig Baxter (26.49).

Borders v Ayrshire (24-12)

Borders won both the mens matches with both the ladies fixtures tied in this battle between close neighbours Borders and Ayrshire.

The Ladies B finished 2-2 with the top set coming from Borders player Helen Hill (14.11), while two players from Ayrshire had the identical average of 13.92, Mary Pentleton and Lorraine Green.

The Mens B went 5-1 in Borders favour, the match being all over at 4-0, with the top set coming from Kevin Richardson (24.40) while the top average from Ayrshire came from Lee Nisbett (22.44).

The Ladies A was a 3-3 tie in an even match with Ayrshire’s Lorraine Hyde (20.76) just ahead of Borders player Jackie Purves (19.78) in the battle for the best set.

The Mens A really settled the overall score with Borders stretching their win to 8-4 and producing the top set from Jim McGuigan (28.63) with Ayrshire’s Andy Hastie (26.37) their best player.

Renfrewshire v Lanarkshire (20-16)

Renfrewshire just edged out their close rivals over the four matches and as a result there is still only five points between them in the Accumulative Table as they battle for fourth and fifth place.

The Ladies B started the match off with a 2-2 result the top set coming from Renfrewshire’s Kirsten Gray (16.11) with Helen Beurskens (12.91) the top player for Lanarkshire.

Renfrewshire moved ahead with a 4-2 win in the Mens B and it was Alex McAdam (25.47) from the winning side that took the player of the match award ahead of Robert Baird (23.39) for Lanarkshire.

It was Renfrewshire again in the Ladies A as they took the match 5-1 to open up quite a big lead thanks to a top set from Louise Hepburn (20.31) with Hannah Bell (16.26) the best for Lanarkshire. Lanarkshire fought back hard in the Mens A but their 8-4 win was not enough to pull back the overall score leaving Renfrewshire just ahead of them in the Accumulative Table but the scoreline still leaves the Lanarkshire lads with a chance of second spot in the Mens A.

The player of the match was William Stallard (27.45) from Lanarkshire with Renfrewshire’s top set coming from Richard Baillie (25.47).

It's with sadness that Scottish Darts Association reports that Peter Johnstone passed away. Peter was a well-respected Scottish International our thoughts are with his family and friends


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Scottish Open 2019 Champions Wesley Harms & Lisa Ashton Drawsheets/Results  Men's Singles, Ladies Singles, Men's Pairs, Ladies Pairs

The Scottish Darts Association’s flagship tournament, the Winmau Scottish Open, held at the Normandy Hotel since 1999, kicked off the first of five tournaments with the Open Triples on Friday night. Battling through an entry of over 100 teams the first semi-final was contested by the Cleveland Bellends (Allan Edwards, Claire Stainsby and Barry Davies) and PC Plods (Lisa Ashton, Lindsey Ashton and Paul Higgins). The Bellenders progressed 3-0 to the final where they met the winners of the Geds (Brian Welsh, Wayne Shepherd and Chloe O’Brien) from Perthshire who played Two Blue Sox and a Red Sox (Euan Callander, Brian Woods and Chrissie Manley). The various Sox players won the semi 3-1 giving us a final between the Bellends and the Sox, with the Cleveland trio triumphing 4-1.


Almost a thousand entrants battled through to the last eight of the Mens Singles where Scotland’s Mark Barilli defeated Paul Hogan from England 5-1, Cody Harris from New Zealand defeated Welsh player Nick Kenny 5-4, Dutch star Wesley Harms beat Scots teen sensation Nathan Girvan 5-1 and finally English player Jamie Caven beat Wayne Warren from Wales 5-2. Also reaching the last 16 from Scotland was Ryan Hogarth while Graham Cummings, Joe Devlin, Jared Rafferty, Neil MacDougall, and Steve Ritchie made the last 32. At the semi-final stage the former two times winner of the SDA Masters, Mark Barilli took on New Zealander Cody Harris. The match went to the New Zealander 5-0 but the scoreline belied the quality of the match as both players hit 177 and Mark had a maximum. Cody’s winning average was 31.71 while Mark had a 28.63 average. The second semi-final pitted former Scottish Open champion Wesley Harms from the Netherlands against England’s Jamie Caven with Wesley progressing 5-3 with the aid of three 180’s and a 130 checkout. The players shared the opening two legs before Wesley took three in a row to lead 4-1 before Jamie pulled the score back to 4-3. In the eighth leg Wes checked out 130 on the bull to take his place in the final, ending with a 28.00 average compared to Jamie’s 25.69 average. In the best of eleven final Wes started well with a maximum in the opening leg to lead 1-0 and checked out 111 in the second to double his lead. Cody fought back strongly with a 119 checkout on the bullseye to take the third leg only to see Wesley strike back to win the fourth leg. Wesley went further ahead by taking the fifth leg with the aid of a 180 and then started leg six with another maximum, going on to take the leg to lead 5-1. Cody then produced three consecutive 140’s in leg seven to reduce the deficit to 5-2 before taking leg eight to take the score to 5-3. Wesley wired a 136 checkout for the match only to see Cody steady his nerves to take the ninth leg and claw back the difference to just one leg. Wesley had another match dart in the tenth leg but could only watch as Cody nailed double sixteen to take the final to a deciding leg. 2013 champion, Wesley hit a 180 in the eleventh leg followed by a 171 to set up double twelve for the title and duly obliged to win his second Scottish Open. Wesley finished the final with a 32.83 average compared to 30.91 for Cody. In the first Ladies Singles semi-final World No.1 Lisa Ashton took on the five times previous champion Deta Hedman. The match started with a 13 dart leg for Lisa and then both players took a leg each up to 3-3 before Lisa surged ahead taking the match with a double top checkout at 5-3. Lisa’s average for the match was 26.04 while Deta returned a 25.44 single dart average. She would be joined in the final by the 2017 champion Fallon Sherrock who defeated Maria O’Brien 5-2. Fallon took the opening leg against the darts with a 76 checkout and Maria levelled the match in the second before going 2-1 ahead with a treble 18/double 18 finish on 90. Despite both players having chances to finish subsequent legs, Fallon took the next four to get the better of her opponent. In the final Lisa started strongly and with the help of a 180 took the leg in 13 darts and despite some lacklustre finishing made it 2-0 after the second leg. The Lancashire Rose was again caught napping with poor finishing as Fallon checked out 112 to pull the score back to 2-1. Lisa took the fourth leg to stretch her lead to 3-1 and then started leg five with a maximum and duly took the leg with the help of a second 180 and double 8. This left Lisa just one leg away from a first ever Scottish Open Ladies title. With a 15 dart leg Lisa took the title to finish with a 28.34 average while Fallon had to be content with 23.90. The losing quarter finalists in the Ladies Singles were England players Roz Bulmer and Kirsty Hutchison with Anastasia Dobromyslova from Russia, the four-times winner and reigning champion along with Tricia Wright who won the tournament in 2001 and 2009. Scotland’s best performance came from Ayrshire’s Lorraine Hyde who lost 4-2 in the last sixteen to England’s Fallon Sherrock. Grampian players Christine Hyde, Louise Paterson and Sharon Leslie reached the last 32 along with Chelsea McMahon from Fife.

In the Mens Pairs the first semi-final was a Scotland v Netherlands clash as Cameron Menzies & Ryan Hogarth took on Martijn Kleermaker & Chris Landman. The match went all the way and it was the Dutch pair who triumphed 3-2 to book their place in the final. In the other last four clash Aaron Turner & Simon Stainton took on Dogo Portela & Cody Harris. Brazilian Portelo and Harris from New Zealand took the match 3-1 and would now play Kleermaker and Landman for the Scottish Open Pairs title. In the final Chris and Martijn started with a 12 dart leg which was quickly levelled by Cody Harris in the second leg. The third leg went to the Brazil/New Zealand combo but Chris Landman ensured it would go all the way with a double five checkout. The deciding leg saw Dogo Portela finish 87 to take the title against the Dutch International duo. The champions team average was 28.07 with the runners-up hitting 29.11. Cody becomes the second player from the Southern Hemisphere to take a Scottish Open title following the first Singles champion Russell Stewart while Dogo is the first Brazilian player to feature in the winning roll. Losing quarter-finalists were Paul Hogan & Jason Heaver, Mark Graham & Mark Warburton, Wesley Harms & Richard Veenstra and Kevin Mills & Antony Freeman.

The first ladies Pairs semi-final featured Maria O’Brien & Lisa Ashton versus Anne Marie Potts & Linda Ithurralde where Maria & Lisa won the match 3-1. In the second semi-final Beau Greaves & Deta Hedman would face Christine Savvery & Jan Robbins and it was Beau and Deta that won 3-1. In the final history was created as Beau Greaves became the youngest ever SDA Open finalist at the age of 15, partnering Deta Hedman to a 3-2 victory over Lisa Ashton and Maria O’Brien. The match came alive in the third leg as first Beau hit a maximum and then Maria did the same giving the large crowd something to cheer about. Losing quarter-finalists were Kathy Geeraerts & M Wootton, Tricia Wright & Apylee Jones, Grace Cane & Gail Mullen and Julie Thomson & Phonsawn Whillis





SDA Men's Pairs Final
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