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The Youth Setup within Scottish Darts has been supported by the SDA and is integrated in the main SDA banner.  This has been going for many years and the Scotland Youth Team took part in their first European Youth Cup in 1999 and have been their every year since then.  There is a Youth Director who is the go between the Youth Committee and the SDA Board of Directors.  This is an invaluable post which gives the Youth’s a voice in Scottish Darts and also helps the Directors to support the Youth’s within the setup.  This was evident when after the introduction of the 1st year of the Youth British Internationals in 2011 it was then integrated into BDO British Internationals with the Adult team and still continues today.

The Youth Committee along with the Youth Director are responsible for organising the events under the SDA Youth Banner.  At these events as in line with the WDF the youths are subject to random alcohol breath testing.  The Committee and Youth Director also give support to the Academy/Area competitions totalling approx 13 events throughout the year in various locations.  The Diary is available on the Links Below.  To take part in the 

These competitions make up the Scottish Youth Tour and culminates in a GrandPrix Table which goes towards the top 16 boys and 4 girls and 4 Future Stars of the table qualifying for the Scottish Youth Invitational Matchplay event.  It also goes towards the players selection for the National Youth Team.

Scottish Youth Darts Academies
We have the following Academies throughout the Country

Angus Darts Academy (Arbroath),  Still to Open up after Covid
Central Youth Academy (Cowie, Stirling), Still to Open after Covid
Grampian Youth Academy (Aberdeen), 
Glasgow Youth Academy - Still to open after Covid
NADA (Irvine),  

We are looking for new people to help get the Academies up and running again to bring more opportunities to the Youths around the Country

Each Academy looks to provide a safe environment to learn and enjoy the Sport.  They look at the Theory, Practical & Counting/numeracy aspects of the Sport.  They aim to assist the youths to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors in their lives.  They promote numeracy skills, literacy and team building through the sport and share the values of fairplay and sportsmanship.

As part of the Academy setup we have volunteer coaches that help the youths weekly.  These coaches are required to undergo a Disclosure check (PVG in Scotland).  Scottish Darts are registered with Volunteer Scotland and Sharon Macfarlane (Scottish Youth Director) is our main contact through them.  We also have a registered Child Protection Officer who is Cliff Murray (General Secretary) of Scottish Darts.

To take part in any of the Youth events then come along to the event and Membership can be arranged.  All players must be under 18 on 1st Jan and are able to play for the full year in all competitions - WDF age rules apply.



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