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Scottish Darts Association - WDF Darts World Cup 2023 Report

Event Overview

The Scottish Darts Association proudly represented Scotland at the WDF Darts World Cup, held in Esbjerg, Denmark, from September 26th to September 30th, 2023. The event featured fierce competition from darts players around the world, and the Scottish team displayed remarkable talent and determination throughout the tournament.

Men's Team Event

The Scottish Men's team, comprised of Davie Kirwan, Danny Trueman, Scott Robertson, and Jamie Bain, delivered an outstanding performance in the Men's Team Event. They showcased exceptional teamwork and skill, ultimately finishing 3rd overall, a significant achievement.

Mens Pairs

In the Men's Pairs event, Davie Kirwan and Danny Trueman demonstrated remarkable synergy, finishing as runners-up. Their impressive partnership and darts prowess propelled them to the finals, earning recognition and respect from their competitors.

Scott Robertson and Jamie Bain also showcased their talent, reaching the last 64 in the Men's Pairs event, further contributing to Scotland's success.

Men's Singles

The Men's Singles event saw Jamie Bain and Davie Kirwan advance to the last 16. Their individual skills and determination shone brightly, solidifying their positions as formidable competitors on the international darts stage.

Ladies Team Event

The Ladies Scottish team, consisting of Lorraine Hyde, Steph Gilmour, Susanna McGimpsey, and Emily Davidson, faced formidable opposition in the Ladies Team Event. They gave their best efforts and secured a 13th place finish, reflecting their commitment to representing Scotland with pride.

Ladies Pairs

In the Ladies Pairs event, Lorraine Hyde and Steph Gilmour advanced to the last 32, while Susanna McGimpsey and Emily Davidson reached the last 64. These achievements showcase the talent and determination of the Scottish ladies in a highly competitive field.

Ladies Singles

Lorraine Hyde and Susanna McGimpsey competed in the Ladies Singles event, reaching the last 128. Their dedication to the sport and tenacity on the dartboard are commendable, and their participation added to the Scottish team's overall performance.

Youth Competition

Scotland's Youth team finished 5th overall, highlighting the emerging talent in Scottish darts.

Sophie McKinlay's impressive run led her to the Quarter Finals in the Girls Singles event, where she showcased her potential as a rising star in the sport.

Scott Smith made it to the last 16 in the Boys Singles, demonstrating his skill and composure under pressure.

In the Youth Mixed Pairs event, Scott Smith and Sophie McKinlay advanced to the last 16, displaying their versatility and teamwork in a competitive environment.


The Scottish Darts Association's performance at the WDF Darts World Cup 2023 was marked by achievements, teamwork, and individual brilliance. The Men's Team's 3rd-place finish, the success of Davie Kirwan and Danny Trueman in the Men's Pairs, and Jamie Bain and Davie Kirwan's strong showing in the Men's Singles were notable highlights. The Ladies and Youth teams also demonstrated their commitment and potential, contributing to a memorable tournament for Scottish darts. We look forward to continued success and growth in the world of darts, with confidence in our talented players and teams.