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The 2024 Boys British Internationals darts tournament witnessed a thrilling competition among teams representing England, Scotland, and Wales. The tournament showcased exceptional talent and fierce competition, culminating in a victory for the England Boys team.


  1. England 3 - 1 Scotland

    • England showcased their prowess in the opening match by securing a convincing 3-1 victory over Scotland.
  2. Scotland 3 - 1 Wales

    • Scotland demonstrated their skill and determination, clinching a 3-1 win against Wales in a closely contested match.
  3. England 2 - 2 Wales

    • In a nail-biting encounter, England and Wales battled to a 2-2 draw, highlighting the competitive spirit and skill level of both teams.

League Table:

Team Points
England 3
Scotland 2
Wales 1

Full Stats:

Results - Standings

Final Standings:

  1. England 




    Team Manager Dave Dudeney

    • Led by Jenson Walker, Sam Jackson, Alfie Busby, and Ben Gamble, the England Boys team showcased exceptional skill and teamwork to emerge victorious in the tournament.
  2. Scotland 


    Team Manager Sharon MacFarlane

    • Despite a valiant effort from Kyle Davidson, Logan Gilmour, Barry Watson, and Mitchel Lawrie, the Scotland Boys team finished in second place, narrowly missing out on the top spot.
  3. Wales 


    Team Manager Giovanna Thomas

    • The Wales Boys team, consisting of Ben Carr, Ben Lewis, Lloyd Sterio, and Fabian Tapner, displayed determination and skill throughout the tournament, securing third place with a commendable performance.

The 2024 Boys British Internationals darts tournament provided thrilling matches and memorable moments, highlighting the talent and passion for the sport among the young players from England, Scotland, and Wales.