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The 2024 Ladies British Internationals dart tournament witnessed a thrilling showcase of skill and determination as England, Wales, and Scotland competed for the coveted title. With seasoned veterans and promising newcomers, the event showcased the depth of talent in women's darts.



  • Team Manager: Paul James
  • Players:
    • Deta Hedman (Captain)
    • Steph Clarke
    • Jo Locke
    • Natalie Gilbert
    • Sam Kirkton
    • Paige Pauling (Youth Girls Player)


  • Team Manager: Cliff Murray
  • Players:
    • Susanna McGimpsey (Captain)
    • Chloe O’Brien
    • Christine Hyde
    • Lorraine Hyde
    • Lynsey Ward
    • Sophie McKinlay (Youth Girls Player)
    • Steph Gilmour


  • Team Manager: John Williams
  • Assistant Manager: Keith Ashton
  • Players:
    • Rhian O’Sullivan (Captain)
    • Jac Leggatt
    • Rose Mort
    • Leanne Topper
    • Alannah Waters-Evans
    • Eve Watson


  1. England 4 - 2 Wales

    • England started their campaign with a strong victory over Wales, showcasing their skill and composure.
  2. Wales 4 - 2 Scotland

    • Wales bounced back from their initial loss to England, securing a crucial win against Scotland in a closely contested match.
  3. England 4 - 2 Scotland

    • England maintained their momentum, defeating Scotland to secure their second victory of the tournament.

League Table:

Position Team Played Won Lost Points
1 England 2 2 0 4
2 Wales 2 1 1 2
3 Scotland 2 0 2 0


Full Stats:

Results - Standings

Conclusion: The 2024 Ladies British Internationals showcased the competitive spirit and camaraderie among the teams. England emerged as the dominant force, securing two victories and claiming the title. The inclusion of youth girls players, Paige Pauling and Sophie McKinlay, marked a significant milestone, highlighting the future potential of women's darts in the British Internationals.