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The 2024 Men's British Internationals dart tournament concluded with an exciting display of skill and determination from England, Scotland, and Wales. Despite all teams being tied on points, England emerged as the champions due to their superior legs won, showcasing their dominance on the dartboard.



  • Team Manager: Neil Pritchard
  • Players:
    • Scot Mitchell (Captain)
    • Paul Milford
    • Jamie Atkins
    • Dave Ladley
    • Chas Barstow
    • Cameron Crabtree
    • Tavis Dudeney
    • Ricky King
    • Eddie Lovely
    • Tom Sykes
    • Martyn Turner
    • Carl Wilkinson


  • Team Manager: Cliff Murray
  • Players:
    • Colin Miller (Captain)
    • Colin Hepplewhite
    • Danny Trueman
    • Davie Kirwan
    • Glen Parson
    • Jamie Bain
    • Neil MacDougal
    • Nicky Denoon
    • Scott Campbell
    • Scott Robertson
    • Scot Winder
    • Stephen Michie
    • William Kirkwood


  • Team Manager: John Williams
  • Assistant Manager: Keith Ashton
  • Players:
    • Calvin Phillips (Captain)
    • Llew Bevan
    • Gareth Braham
    • Sam Cankett
    • Mark Challenger
    • David Davis
    • Sean Fisher
    • Terry Nash
    • Deian Roberts
    • Dan Thompson
    • John Williams-Jones
    • Dylan Williams


  1. Scotland 7 - 5 Wales

    • Scotland secured a narrow victory over Wales in a closely contested match, setting the stage for an intense competition.
  2. England 10 - 2 Scotland

    • England showcased their dominance with a commanding victory over Scotland, highlighting their prowess on the dartboard.
  3. Wales 7 - 5 England

    • Wales fought hard and secured a crucial victory over England, displaying their resilience and determination in the tournament.

Final Standings:

Position Team Legs Won Points
1 England 13 2
2 Wales 7 2
3 Scotland -20 2

Full Stats:

Results - Standings

Conclusion: England emerged as the champions of the 2024 Men's British Internationals, with Scotland finishing in second place and Wales in third. Despite all teams being tied on points, England claimed the title with their superior legs won, showcasing their dominance in the competition. The tournament provided an exciting and memorable display of darts, with each team contributing to the electrifying atmosphere.