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Live coverage of the final day of the Six Nations International Darts Cup from the Normandy Hotel Renfrew Scotland. 

Ladies 5th & 6th Place Play off:   Northern Ireland v Scotland 

Men’s 5th & 6th Place Play off:   Republic of Ireland v Scotland 

Ladies Semi Finals: England v Netherlands 

Ladies Semi Finals: Wales v Republic of Ireland 

Men’s Semi Finals:  Netherlands v Northern Ireland 

Men’s Semi Finals: England v Wales 

Ladies Singles:  Beau Greaves (England) v Rhian O’Sullivan (Wales)

Men’s Singles:  Scott Taylor (England) v Wesley Plaisier (Netherlands) 

Ladies Final: 

Men’s Final:


Six Nations Announcement

Following on from an unfortunate mistake during the England v Republic of Ireland ladies match, The tournament organisers would like to make the following statement. At the end of the leg between Deta Hedman and Caroline Breen, the referee called game shot on double nine to England, subsequently it has been recognised that the darts was actually not in the double nine.

As Organisers we accept the referee made a genuine mistake and Deta didn’t check it.

Organisers are horrified at the disgusting comments that have been aimed at both the referee and Deta.

We can confirm that on Deta’s insistence that the point has now been awarded to the Republic of Ireland and the match score adjusted.

The six nations are often referred to as the “Friendly Tournament” and we can confirm all six competing countries want to forget this and look forward to enjoying the rest of the tournament


Live coverage of day 1 of the Six Nations International Darts Cup hosted by the Scottish Darts Association at the Normandy Hotel Renfrew Scotland.

Live coverage of day 2 of the Six Nations International Darts Cup from the Normandy Hotel Renfrew Scotland.


Important notice to the following counties Clackmannanshire, Lanarkshire, Borders, Lothian, Central, and Perthshire who all invoked the opportunity to take a year out from the Scottish County Championships. The Counties now have 10 days (20/06/2022) to indicate if they wish to enter the Scottish County Championship 2022-23 a no response will be deemed that the county no longer wishes to be a member of the Scottish County Championship. Any county that does not wish to play in the Scottish County Championship 2022-23 can still apply for SDA membership The following rule will be invoked if any area does not take out SDA membership.

“The Association shall be divided into Area Associations, each Area Association shall be responsible to the Scottish Darts Association for the control of darts within its Area. Any Area Association, its boundaries, and members under its control to be decided at the AGM should it be in addition to the Areas as previously originated”

Any enquires or responses regarding this statement email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The inaugural Men's and Ladies SDA Tour continues this month with the second event in the series taking place at the Bannockburn Social Club on Sunday 3rd July, register at 10.00 am. 

This second event in the series will be played on the Darts Connect system which will be available to follow remotely on the day. It’s some time since the SDA has moved events around the country in this way so it is an ideal chance for those who don’t favour travel to compete against the top players from around Scotland. 

There will be a prize pot of £2000 for this event which could eventually lead to the Grand Finals on 22nd October when there will be a prize fund of £3000.  This will involve the top 32 players after the four events which each cost £20 to enter and includes SDA Day Tour Membership. 

Events three and four have been scheduled and will see darts move to Aberdeen on Saturday 27th August at the Dee Swimming Club, Gerrard Street and then finally to Inverness for the fourth event which is being held at SoBar, Castle Street. 

A to Z Entries

Continuing the efforts of the SDA to further darts in Scotland and following on from the SDA Men's and Ladies Tour events, the SDA is introducing a new event for 18-30-year-old players. The opening event is to be held at Players Sports Bar, Grahams Road, Falkirk on Sunday 12th June, register at 10.30.  Further information can be obtained from Sharon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Prize money on the day will depend on entries but the big incentive here will be the prize on the finals day. 

The top 32 players in the 18-30 rankings will be playing for free entry to the PDC Q-School with up to £400 expenses and would be an ideal opportunity for a young player to make a start on the professional trail. All players must be between 18 and 30 on the finals day on October 22nd 2022.

The 6 Nations Darts Championship will be held in Scotland this year, three years after the last event which was held in Assen, Holland. 

The cream of Scottish, Welsh, English, Dutch, Irish and Northern Irish darts players will gather at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew from the 17th of June through to the 19th of June to provide a feast of European darts. 

England’s ladies team are the current champions after their 5-0 whitewash of Northern Ireland in the last final and they will be going for their ninth title this year. 

In the men’s event Scotland lost out to the Dutch side in the semi-finals and they went on to defeat Wales 13-5 in the final. 

The Scotland squad consists of Alan Small, Euan Callander, Jamie Bain, Scott Robertson, Scott Campbell, Lorraine Hyde, Emily Davidson and Susanna McGimpsey. 

Scotland’s ladies have been drawn with Wales and the Netherlands in Group A while the men have Northern Ireland and England in Group B. 

An added bonus is that both current World Champions will be representing their countries, Neil Duff and Beau Greaves playing for Northern Ireland and England respectively. 

Tickets are available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telephone 07734212481 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






GROUP ONE                                                                GROUP TWO 

1. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND                                1. WALES

2. ENGLAND                                                       2 SCOTLAND

3. NORTHERN IRELAND                                   3 NETHERLANDS 

Team England

Deta Hedman
Beau Greaves
Lorraine Winstanley

James Hurrell
Justin Hood
Luke Littler
Scott Taylor
Scott Williams

Team Netherlands

Anca Zijlstra
Priscilla Steenbergen
Lerena Rietbergen

Kristiaan de Boer
Owen Roelofs
Patrick van de Boogaard
Danny van Trijp
Wesley Plaisier

Team Northern Ireland
Kayleigh O’Neill
Grace Crane
Elaine Moran

Northern Ireland
Neil Duff
Gary Elliott
Chris Gilliland
Philip Carson
Darryl Loughery

Team ROI


Team Scotland
Susanna McGimpsey
Lorraine Hyde
Emily Davidson

Alan Small
Euan Callander
Scott Campbell
Jamie Bain
Scott Robertson

Team Wales




GROUP ONE                                                                 GROUP TWO 

1. NETHERLANDS                                            1. NORTHERN IRELAND

2. WALES                                                          2. SCOTLAND

3. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND                              3. ENGLAND 



FRIDAY 17th JUNE 2022 

11.00am - 3.00pm - Six Nations Cup Singles Event (Men & Women)


3.30 pm - Group 1. - England   v. Northern Ireland

4.30 pm - Group 2. - Scotland  v.  Netherlands

5.30 pm - Group 1.-  Northern Ireland  v.  Republic of Ireland

6.30pm - Group 2. -  Netherlands         v. Wales

7.30pm - Group 1. - Republic of Ireland  v. England


8.30pm - Group 2. -     Scotland   v. England

Saturday 18th JUNE 2022 

MENS TEAM MATCH - Group 1 - Wales v Republic ireland


12.15am - Group 2. - Wales v Scoland


1.15 pm - Group 1. - Republic of Ireland   v. Netherlands

2.30 pm - Group 2. - England   v.  Northern Ireland

3.45 pm - Group 1.-  Netherlands v. Wales

5.00pm - Group 2. - Northern Ireland  v. Scotland 


11.00am - WOMEN'S 5/6th PLACE MATCH 

11.45am - MENS 5/6th PLACE MATCH 

1.00pm - WOMEN'S SEM FINAL (Group 1Winners v. Group 2 Runners-up) 

1.4Spm - WOMEN'S SEMI FINAL (Group 2 Winners v. Group 1 Runners-up)

2.30pm - MENS SEMI FINAL (Group 1Winners v. Group 2 Runners-up)

3.4Spm - MENS SEMI FINAL (Group 2 Winners v. Group 1Runners-up)




6.30pm - MEN'S FINAL



Darts Corner SDA County Darts Championship – 14th May 2022


As the county championship in Scotland is nearing the finish line Grampian have swept the board in the North section winning all three sections at a canter, Highland currently lie second in the three sections but Fife have still to play Angus and that could change the result. 

In the South, East Stirlingshire lead the Mens division and Renfrewshire are tops in the Ladies league.  There are still two fixtures outstanding in the South, East Stirlingshire v Ayrshire and Greater Glasgow v Renfrewshire. 

Greater Glasgow v Ayrshire 18-6 (13-3, 5-3)

This November match was finally completed resulting in an overall victory for Greater Glasgow. 

Neil Campbell (81.52) notched the top set for the winners whilst best for Ayrshire was David Miller (66.40).  The ladies set of the match was completed by Glasgow’s Susanna McGimpsey (67.30) with fellow Scotland player Lorraine Hyde (63.51) the best for Ayrshire.


Ayrshire v Greater Glasgow 6-18 (3-13, 3-5)

This month’s return fixture between the two sides resulted in exactly the same scores as the November match. John Miller (77.08) notched the top set for Ayrshire with Brian Maley (76.44) coming out best for Greater Glasgow. 

In the best ladies performance of the weekend  Lorraine Hyde (71.57) took the player of the match with Glasgow’s Sophie McKinlay (56.36) their best. 

East Stirlingshire v Renfrewshire 15-9 (13-3, 2-6)

A 13-3 victory in the mens match took East Stirlingshire to the top of the South section while Renfrewshire’s 6-2 win in the Ladies match did the same for them in the corresponding table. East Stirling’s William Stallard (81.05) had the best mens match with Jim Russell Jr (73.10) taking Renfrewshire’s award. Louise Hepburn (54.60) took the ladies award for Renfrewshire and Vikki Swann (42.86) was best for East Stirlingshire. 

Highland v Moray 19-5 (12-4, 7-1)

In the biggest win of the weekend Highland defeated close neighbours Moray, 19-5 and moved into second place in both mens and ladies sections.Hi ghland’s Sandy Morrison (80.16) was man of the match with George Smith (75.70) the main man for Moray.  The ladies award went to Lynn Shearer (61.77) with Brenda Turner (25.13) the best set for Moray. 

Fife v Tay Valley 15-9 (13-3, 2-6)

With the best average of the weekend Dean Carr (94.44) took the mens player award for Fife with Tay Valley’s Glen Parsons (84.45) their best.Chel Rennie (54.33) from Tay Valley had the top ladies set with best for Fife coming from Sarah Binnie (44.71).

Unfortunately due to internet connectivity issues at the venue there will be no live streaming this weekend, sorry for any inconvenience

  For all British Internationals tournament information, fixtues and results visit DartConnect.



Sunday 22nd May


England 10  Scotland  2         Match Stats

Wales 4 England        8          Match Stats


Wales  5  Scotland    1           Match Stats


Saturday 21st May


Scotland 6 Wales  6               Match Stats



Scotland 0  England  6          Match Stats


Scotland 1 Wales    3           Match Stats


England 2  Wales     0         Match Stats 

Scotland 2 England 2          Match Stats 


Friday 20th May


England 4   Scotland 0        Match Stats

Wales    0   England  4        Match Stats


Wales 0   Scotland  2          Match Stats


England 5 Wales 1              Match Stats

Darts Corner Scottish Open 2022

The 28th Scottish Open, this year sponsored by Darts Corner, finally got underway last weekend at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew.  The tournament had been in abeyance for the last two years and made a welcome return to the darting calendar. The much-coveted Golden Tickets, direct qualification for the 2023 World Championships, was achieved by the new Scottish Open champions, Deta Hedman and James Hurrell. Both players came through fields of 75 players and 453 players respectively. 

The weekend started with 70 teams contesting the Mixed Triples title.


The final ended up being an England versus Wales confrontation with the England squad running out victors 4-2. The winning trio comprised England youth captain Luke Littler, England International captain James Hurrell and Buckinghamshire’s Suzanne Smith. The defeated Welsh team were John Roberts, Sarah Roberts and Evonne Taylor. The top Scottish performance came from Jordan Soutar, Owen O’Neill and Lynn Torrance who lost out in the semi-final to the second-placed Welsh team. Making up the last four was an Italian trio represented by Aurora Fochesato, Dario Fochesato and Francesco Raschini.

Ladies Singles 


The lady's quarter-finals produced four tremendous matches starting with a 4-3 victory for Deta Hedman over Dutch star Ailleen De Graaf. The Netherlands will have to wait another year for a ladies champion to join 2007 champion Karen Krappen in the record books as their last hope Anca Zijlstra lost 4-2 to England’s Suzanne Smith, who was part of the winning triples team on Friday. The third quarter-final produced a brilliant effort from Jo Clements to take out the world champion Beau Greaves, 4-3 followed by the runners-up at Lakeside, Kirsty Hutchison beating Scotland’s top player Lorraine Hyde 4-3. 

Deta Hedman             4-3       Aileen De Graaf

Suzanne Smith           4-2       Anca Zijlstra

Jo Clements                4-3       Beau Greaves

Kirsty Hutchison          4-3       Lorraine Hyde

Men's Singles 


Scotland did very well this year with 13 players in the Last 32 compared to 10 from England, 6 from Wales, 2 from Northern Ireland and one from Italy. At the quarter-final stage, Edinburgh’s Ryan Murray qualified as Scotland’s last surviving player gaining his semi-final spot with a 4-3 victory over Aaron Monk from England. The second spot in the last four went to Welshman Jamie Lewis as he defeated Dave Prins 4-2 and he plays Murray. England’s new International captain James Hurrell had a 4-2 victory over Ayrshire’s Jim McEwan and he will meet James Beeton from England who defeated fellow Englishman David Pallett 4-1.

Ryan Murray               4-3       Aaron Monk

Dave Prins                  2-4       Jamie Lewis

James Hurrell              4-2       Jim McEwan

David Pallett                1-4       James Beeton




Men's Pairs


Rhys Hayden & Neil Duff                   3-0       Lee Williams & Mark Blandford

Craig Robertson & Angus Murray        3-1       Robbie Gorst & Terry Roach

Kai Fan Leung & David Pallett            3-1       Francesco Raschini & Dario Fochesato

William Kirkwood & William Stallard   1-3       Andy Davidson & Ryan Murray 

In the first semi-final, the Edinburgh duo of Andy Davidson and Ryan Murray defeated fellow Scots C. Robertson and A. Murray 3-1 and were joined in the final by Kai Fan Leung from Hong Kong and Shropshire’s David Pallett who defeated World Champion Neil Duff and Bradford’s Rhys Hayden 3-1.


Ladies Pairs 

Talita Biagetti & Aurora Fochesato    3-2       Ann Marie Potts & Linda Hindmarch

Natalie Gilbert & Kirsty Hutchison      3-0       Julie Thompson & Phonsawan Whillis

Suzanne Smith & Josie Paterson       1-3       Lorraine Hyde & Denise Cassidy

Deta Hedman & Beau Greaves         3-1       Lorraine Winstanley & Laura Turner 

There will be new champions this year as defending champions Deta Hedman and Beau Greaves, going for their third consecutive title, lost 3-2 to Natalie Gilbert and Kirsty Hutchison. In the final, they would play Italian duo Talita Biagetti and Aurora Fochesata who put out Scotland’s Lorraine Hyde and Denise Cassidy from Northern Ireland.

 The Finals 

First on stage was Deta Hedman against Buckinghamshire’s Suzanne Smith.  Although the score went 4-0 in favour of the five-times champion Deta Hedman it was a lot closer than that. Deta would be joined in the final by Jo Clements as she defeated Kirsty Hutchison 4-3, in their semi-final. Kirsty took the opening leg with the aid of a 180 and then doubled her lead before Jo hit back, taking three consecutive legs to go within one leg of the final. But Kirsty was not finished yet as she took leg six in 18 darts to send the match into a deciding game.  Kirsty missed a chance to win allowing Jo to check on 70 and take her place in the final. The first men’s semi-final pitted Scotland’s own Ryan Murray against Welshman Jamie Lewis.  Murray lost the opening leg but then reeled off four in a row to win the match 4-1. Next up was an all-England clash between new England captain James Hurrell and 19-year-old teenager, James Beeton. This match was very close with Beeton taking the first leg only to see Hurrell draw level. Beeton then went 3-1 ahead before Hurrell replied with two consecutive legs to tie up the match at 3-3.  The players shared the next two legs to take the match to a decider with Hurrell having the throw and 19 darts later he checked out on 20 to win but not before Beeton had a throw at 115 for the match.

The Men's Pairs final created a piece of history before it started as partnering England’s David Pallett was Hong Kong darter Kai Fan Leung, the first Asian player ever to play on the Scottish Open finals stage.  Their opponents were Edinburgh duo Ryan Murray and Andy Davidson. Leung and Pallett took the opening two legs before the Scots pulled one back in reply.  It was not to be two consecutive Scottish winning pairs following the last event won by Cameron Menzies and Ryan Hogarth, as Pallett successfully checked out on 40 to take the title 3-1. 

The Ladies Pairs was also to create a piece of Scottish Open history as Talita Biagetti and Aurora Fochesato were the first Italians to play in a Scottish Open final.  Their task was to beat the English duo of Kirsty Hutchison and Natalie Gilbert which they came close to achieving as they led 2-1. But back came Gilbert and Hutchison to level the match in the fourth leg before going on to win 3-2 in 20 darts. And so to the final two matches at this year’s Scottish Open, played at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew.  Could Deta make it 228 WDF ranked titles and her sixth Scottish Open win or would “Twinkle”, Jo Clements deny her this piece of record-breaking achievement

Hedman won the opening leg before Clements roared back, taking three in a row to hold a good lead in the match. Hedman then reversed the match-winning three legs to go within one of the titles.  Clements replied strongly in the eighth leg, taking it in 18 darts to set up yet another deciding leg play-off. It was to be Deta’s day as she hit three tons and checked on 32 to lift her sixth title and be crowned Scottish Open champion. 

The men’s final was to prove just as exciting as it too went to a ninth and deciding leg with Ryan Murray bidding to be the fifth Scottish champion at the Open. James won the opening leg before Ryan squared the match at 1-1. Hurrell then edged ahead by winning legs three and four. It was Murray’s turn then to win a couple of legs to level the match at 3-3. Hurrell edged ahead winning the seventh leg before Murray produced a brilliant 110 checkout to level the match. Murray then went 5-4 up only to see his lead cut back as Hurrell took the tenth leg in 14 darts. Understandably nerves played a part in the final leg with both players having a chance to win the title but it was James Hurrell who threw the winning dart at double four to become the 2022 Scottish Open Champion, the 26th different men’s player and the fifteenth Englishman to do so. 

The final provided seven maximums, 3 to James and 4 to Ryan and incredibly only one dart used separated the two players with the champion having used 196 darts to Ryan’s 197.




The event is ahead of schedule and streaming will start at 17:30.