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Men's - Ladies

Scottish Open Darts Tournament Report: Day 1 - 17th February 2024

Venue: The Normandy Hotel, Renfrew, Scotland

The atmosphere at The Normandy Hotel was electric as darts enthusiasts gathered for the highly anticipated Men's Pairs and Ladies Pairs events at the Scottish Open Darts tournament. With seasoned veterans and rising stars vying for glory, the stage was set for an evening of intense competition.

Men's Pairs Final:

In the Men's Pairs final, spectators were treated to an impressive display of skill and precision as S. Robertson and S. Michie faced off against C. Menzies and J. Hurrell. From the outset, Robertson and Michie showcased their formidable partnership, exhibiting remarkable consistency and accuracy on the board.

Despite a valiant effort from Menzies and Hurrell, Robertson and Michie dominated the match, demonstrating remarkable teamwork and strategic prowess. With pinpoint accuracy and nerves of steel, they secured a commanding 3-0 victory, clinching the title in impressive fashion.


  • Winners: S. Robertson and S. Michie

  • Runners-up: C. Menzies and J. Hurrell

Ladies Pairs Final:

The Ladies Pairs final brought forth another thrilling contest as S. Smith and F. Sherrock squared off against L. Hyde and L. Paterson. The atmosphere was tense as both pairs battled fiercely, each aiming to seize the coveted title.

In a match filled with skillful dart throwing and intense competition, Smith and Sherrock showcased their exceptional talent and determination. Despite facing a resilient challenge from Hyde and Paterson, they maintained their composure and delivered clutch performances when it mattered most.

With a combination of precision and nerves of steel, Smith and Sherrock emerged victorious with a hard-fought 3-1 triumph, etching their names in the annals of Scottish Open Darts history.


  • Winners: S. Smith and F. Sherrock
  • Runners-up: L. Hyde and L. Paterson

As the curtains drew to a close on Day 1 of the Scottish Open Darts tournament, fans were treated to a spectacle of remarkable skill and sportsmanship. With the Men's Pairs and Ladies Pairs champions crowned, anticipation mounted for the thrilling singles events set to unfold in the days ahead.


The Darts Corner SDA Mens and Ladies Tour caravan rolled into Glasgow this week, playing at a new venue, the Goodyear Club.


Ayrshire’s Lorraine Hyde took her 5th consecutive Ladies title, maintaining her 100% record in the series, with a 5-2 victory in the final over Greater Glasgow’s Susanna McGimpsey.


In the semi-final Lorraine took out Louise Hepburn 4-1 while Susanna gained her final spot with a 4-3 win over three times runner-up Chloe O’Brien.


Making up the last eight were Christine Hyde, Lynsey Ward, Mary McShane and Tammy Jo Grafton.


Lorraine also hit the top three averages of the day with the best of them being 74.22 and had the highest checkout on 130.


Gary Stone from East Stirlingshire took his second title of the series with a 6-2 win over Grampian’s Scott Campbell.


In the semi-final’s Gary defeated Fife’s Colin Hepplewhite 6-1 while Scott had a 6-2 victory over Shaun McDonald.


The quarter-finalists were Dean Fitch, Grant McCauley, Ronnie Gethens and Glen Parsons.


Both Scott and Gary had the top averages on the day, achieved in their last 32 matches, Scott with a magnificent 107.36 and Gary on 93.95.


The top checkout went to Neil MacDougall with 145.


Tay Valley’s Glen Parsons now leads the men’s event with 15 points, just ahead of Colin Miller on 13 points, with Scott Campbell on 12, Gary Stone on 11 and Grant McCauley on 10.


In the Ladies section Lorraine Hyde’s five consecutive victories gives her a huge lead with 25 points, with Chloe O’Brien second on 15 points, Susanna McGimpsey third with 9 points and both Christine Hyde and Lynsey Ward next with 7 points each.


The next event is scheduled for 26th August in the Nine Maidens, Dundee.


The entries for the 2022 British Open will go online from 1st August 2022. The British Open will be once again a World Darts Federation Gold ranked event with a direct qualification for both Men and Ladies for the 2023 Lakeside World Championships. The British Classic will be a silver ranked event. England will be once again running an International Trial event for Men and Ladies on Friday afternoon. There are also Men's and Ladies Pairs, along with The British Classic Youth (under 18's) on Saturday afternoon, which will be ranked by England Darts and used as part of their Grand Prix system. The youth event is open to all youth not just English Nationals. Please support the event and The Spa at Bridlington now it is back on to it's original historical date in September.

Congratulations to Lorraine Hyde & Jim McEwan of Scotland who are the 2021 Tri-Nations British Classic Men's and Ladies Champions.

Congratulations to Lorraine Hyde & Jim McEwan of Scotland who are the 2021 Tri-Nations British Classic Men's and Ladies Champions.

In view of the current situation, the SDA Board of Directors has decided to cancel the forthcoming SDA Classic.  It is hoped that the event may take place at a future date should the situation improve.